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    Backup Mail Services
Sitelutions proudly offers high-quality backup mail services for $18 yearly with a Club Membership! If you are a user of our free DNS services, our system will even automatically configure DNS for you!
What is Backup Mail? To sum it up, if someone sends you e-mail and your mail server is down, the message will be bounced back to the sender. Bouncebacks reflect poorly on your company, and can also cause you to miss important e-mail from potential clients or from friends and family. The true cost of mail server downtime can in many cases amount to hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on the type of business that you run. Sitelutions offers reliable backup mail services starting at just $18 per year (with club membership)!
Sitelutions Backup MailTM Uses and Benefits...
Use in conjunction with our free dynamic DNS to provide the perfect redundant mail solution -- run your own mail server at your home or home office without worrying about downtime. If your connection is down, our backup mail servers will cache your mail until your server comes back online and fully functional!
Get extra protection by using our backup mail services in conjunction with your existing hosting account or professionally hosted mail server. Have the added peace of mind, knowing that your mail will never be lost. If your mail server goes down, you won't miss any mail!
We offer a multitude of mail backup services, tuned to the needs of your organization, from Small Business offerings to Enterprise-level backup systems. We also have a Mail Server Forwarding service based on the backup mail system.
  • Personal / Small Business ($18/year with Club Membership, $36/year without)
    Designed for personal users and small businesses. Our mail servers will store up to 1,000MB of mail. If you expect long periods of downtime, or you receive a large quantity of mail with large file attachments, you may require a larger package.
  • Mid-Level ($39/year with Club Membership, $78/year without)
    Designed for personal users expecting a lot of downtime or small to mid-sized businesses receiving a large amount of e-mail. Our mail servers will back up 2,000MB of mail for you at any given time.
  • Enterprise ($72/year with Club Membership, $144/year without)
    Designed for large businesses receiving a very large amount of mail or large attachments. Our mail servers will back up 5,000MB of mail for you at any given time.
  • Mail Server Forwarding ($39/year with Club Membership, $78/year without)
    A package specifically designed for users that run mail servers on their home or office broadband connections. In many cases, broadband Internet Service Providers (ISPs) block incoming access to port 25 - the port which mail is received. By using mail server forwarding, our mail servers accept mail for your domain and forward all mail to your server on the port number which you specify.

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